Service In Water Sector:

The latter 3 Companies are working in the water sector.
We are associated with this industry from last 11 years. We have provided our services in many institutions and industries of country with highest level of quality service and care. Due to the shortage of water resources in Pakistan, the importance of Boring/Drilling and RO plants increasing.
Almost all minerals water seller companies in Pakistan have hired our services except for a few big companies. Our clients list can be viewed below.

Driling And Boring Related Services:


We offer specialized services on all aspects of locating, evaluating and developing groundwater resources for agricultural, municipal and industrial uses. We attempt to provide the practical and cost effective solution by employing integrated hydrogeological and geophysical techniques


Our subsidiary company BORING.PK is first private firm, who offers the conceptual modeling and water budgeting of an area for safe yield and lesser risk factor. BORING.PK also provide the numerical and sharp models to establish the actual frame of excerpt according to client requirement.


We offer the domestic drilling range from 50ft to 300ft with variable diameter for domestic use. We also ensure delineation of fresh water pockets in saline water areas to serve the humanity.


Dewatering work is essentials now days at on shore area and alluvium region. We have versatile experience in piezometer and dewatering wells which follows as

• Selection of suitable drilling site for test holes and tube well

• Design, construction, supervision and development of tube wells

• Location and delineation of aquifers

• Determination of lithological layers, boundaries, water quality, porosity and permeability of various formations

• Location of fresh water pockets and their extent in saline water areas

• Detection of water bearing structures such as fractured zone and faults in bedrocks


Dewatering work is essentials now days at on shore area and alluvium region. We have versatile experience in piezometer and dewatering wells which follows as

• Selection of suitable drilling site for test holes and tube well

• Design, construction, supervision and development of tube wells

• Location and delineation of aquifers

• Determination of lithological layers, boundaries, water quality, porosity and permeability of  various formations.

• Location of fresh water pockets and their extent in saline water areas

• Detection of water bearing structures such as fractured zone and faults in bedrocks


Injection wells are distinctive aptitude of BORING.PK which ensure the site environmental needs and also dispose water. We ensure to inject the water after proper treatment and free our client to anxious of any contamination in drinking ground water resources. BORING.PK design and construct the injection well by ensuring the ground water reservoirs.


Electrical resistivity of the soil can be considered as a proxy for the spatial and temporal variability of many other soil physical properties (i.e. structure, water content, or fluid composition). Because the method is non-destructive and very sensitive, it offers a very attractive tool for describing the subsurface properties without digging. It has been already applied in various contexts like: groundwater exploration, landfill and solute transfer delineation, agronomical management by identifying areas of excessive compaction or soil horizon thickness and bedrock depth, and at least assessing the soil hydrological properties. The surveys, depending on the areas heterogeneities can be performed in one-, two- or three-dimensions and also at different scales resolution from the centimetric scale to the regional scale. In this review, based on many electrical resistivity surveys, we expose the theory and the basic principles of the method, we overview the variation of electrical resistivity as a function of soil properties, we listed the main electrical device to performed one-, two- or three-dimensional surveys, and explain the basic principles of the data interpretation. At least, we discuss the main advantages and limits of the method.


We provide Long pump test from 50 GPM to 1800 GPM giving time duration of 24 hours up to 720 Hours. BORING.PK kept a specialized and fully loaded equipped to maintain the durability and accuracy of Long pump test results. We also contain advance hydro kit for water electromagnetic flow meter, sonic and electric water level Indicators, Portable SDI kit, Turbidity Kit, PH meter, TDS meter and many more.


The prevalent achievement of BORING.PK is appropriate and well organizes system to entertain his valued clients after completion of awarded contract. We always keep in touch with his clients and give proper solutions according to complaint of tube well. Productivity against Capital cost is immense feature which generally companies lapsed. We ensure his clients cost against production

Aquifer Modeling/Estimation:

If you inquire “Want 25 years conformation of water supply” then is no one else who can provide you answer to this, except BORING.PK in this reputes. We have focused key personnel to knob this type of modeling. BORING.PK result this query by progression as follows:

• Pumping test analysis for estimating hydraulic properties of the aquifer like transmissivity and storability

• Flow-net development and analysis of confined and unconfined aquifers

• Aquifer modeling and management

• Detection of ground water contamination plumbs and their migration


BORING.PK innovate aquifer towards its profiling of dynamic and static levels. BORING.PK offer the great enhancement to design work of construction by profiling water ground level throughout the year by precipitation and net recharge of any desire area. BORING.PK also offers for establishment of groundwater data and monitoring the fluctuations in water table and water quality


BORING.PK also ensure to give the proper principles of each aquifer encounter during drilling by packer pump test to its client. BORING.PK have adequate equipped to perform said activities up to 1000ft with multiple aquifers.


Another milestone of BORING.PK is to have proper equipped as well as skilled qualified personnel to have a proper video logging activities up to 1640ft deep in Pakistan. BORING.PK owned a color CCTV video logging camera for industrial and domestic use for tubewell.


BORING.PK also offers the inclination of tubewell and casing by means of plumb line, box method and inclinometer.


Elementary proficiency which extricates the BORING.PK from others in hydro sector is his proper supply of construction material of tubewell and installation and completion in observation of extremely accomplished personnel to guarantee zero percent incident rates.


BORING.PK provides high varieties of water chemical analysis. BORING.PK works form simple TDS portable operations to BOD, VOC, THMs, Pesticides, Metals, Heavy metals, trace elements and etc. by different universal standardized sanctioned methods. For more details please visit on Boring.pk.



ROplant.pk is the R.O Plant (Reverse Osmosis Plant) water treatment company in Pakistan. ROplant.pk is associated with this industry from last 11 years. ROplant.pk have provided their services in many institutions and industries of country with highest level of quality service and care. Treatment of water starts from Reverse osmosis plant followed by arsenic absorption, control of Bacteria till the waste water treatment plant.

• Reverse Osmosis Plant

• Stainless Steel Ro Plant

• Ultra Filtration System

• Swimming Pool Water Filtration

• Sewage Water Treatment Plant

Ultra Filtration System

SewageUltrafiltration water system Water treatment process flowchart description: (1)When the original water flow through the first feed water pump and flow into the mechanical filter(also named multi-media filter) which filled with five types of refined quartz sand(number five types of refined quartz sand will be put into the mechanical filter for 5 layers separately ,at the moment, the floats,impurity,particle,etc which are more than 100um will be retained by the mechanical filter. (2)The clean water treated by the mechanical filter are less than 100um and then flow into the activated carbon filter which filled with Nut shell activated carbon filter of iodine value more than 900. The activated carbon filter can adsorb the residual chlorine,chloride of lime,peculiar smell,and some inorganic salt and organic salt in the water.Now the water will tastes sweet refreshing . (3)Then the water flow into a cartridge filter(also we can call it precision filter) of 1um, it filled with 3pcs melt spinning cartridge of 20 inches made by PP , the water filtered by it can reach the inlet standard of hollow fiber UF(ultrafilter) system. (4) Now the water will flow into the hollow fiber UF filter system . the pore of the UF membrane ≤0.01-0.001um. the water treated by the UF filter system and UV(ultraviolet) sterilizer will become mineral water. The bacteria,organic substance,virus,microbe etc will be completely get out. Produced water can conform to national mineral drinking water standard and can be drink directly.

Sewage Water Treatment Plant

SewageThe sewage water treatment plant can not only made sewerage water to drinkable water, but it can also clean the contaminated water of factories and make it drinkable. Everybody knows Importance of drainage water for tree planting. However, It is necessary to process through the water treatment plant ROplant.pk designs, manufactures, supplies, installs and maintains all makes of sewage treatment plant. These include NON-ELECTRIC systems, septic tanks, cesspools, septic tank conversion units and pumping stations for both domestic and commercial applications throughout the Pakistan. We are experts in sewage, supplying and installing sustainable sewage treatment solutions to prevent septic tank pollution of our environment and groundwater.


Stainless Steel R.O Plant

StainlessSteelWe are engaged in offering Stainless Steel RO Water Plant. Manufactured using superior quality raw material, these plants are known for their operational effectiveness, advanced performance, hassle free and smooth functionality. Our offered plants are used for removing bacterial contaminant and other metals & ions. We offer these plants in various capacities from 200lph to 10000lph to meet the diverse requirements of our clients. Clients can avail from us RO system 250lph, which is used for packing of drinking and mineral water. We also offer RO system 500lph, which is used for purifying liquid of different viscosity.


  • Zero contamination
  • Low treatment cost
  • Easy to install and operate


Swimming Pool Water Filtration Plant

SwimmingPoolA swimming pool filter is one of the most important pieces of pool equipment a swimming pool owner will ever buy, and the right one can make a big difference in properly maintaining your aboveground or inground swimming pool, and your swimming pool water. At Specialty Pool Products, we carry a complete line of swimming pool filter systems, at the lowest prices available. The basic purpose of a swimming pool filter is to remove dirt, debris & fine particles from the pool water, so that it remains clean & clear during the swim season. Swimming pool filters work in combination with a swimming pool pump, and are typically available as a stand-alone piece of equipment, or with the pool pump (known as the entire “filter system”). The pool pump forces pool water through the pool filter, which in turn cleans & filters the water. Then the pump returns clean, filtered water back into the swimming pool. In addition to cleaning & enhancing the clarity of your pool water, top-quality swimming pool filters also provide durability, long life, ease of use & low running costs. They can also reduce the amount of time you need to spend on pool maintenance. There are three different varieties of swimming pool filters (any of which will effectively maintain your pool water, and are appropriate for inground and aboveground pools): sand filters, cartridge / element filters, and diatomaceous earth (DE) filters. At Specialty Pool Products, we can help you select the right brand, type and model of swimming pool filter system, based on your swimming pool, your preferences and your budget.Swimming-Pool-Water-Filter-System-with-Water-Pump-Sand-Filter Both aboveground sand filters and inground sand filters are available at Specialty Pool Products. They are the most common variety of swimming pool filter. With a sand filter, unfiltered water is forced through a sand bed within the filter, where debris is removed from the dirty water before it is sent back into the pool. Cleaning a sand filter is quick & easy – simply run water through the filter in reverse, while disposing of the wastewater. Advantages of sand filter systems include ease of operation and relative low cost. Plus, the medium (sand) can last between 1-5 years (1-2 years for aboveground sand filters; 3-5 years for inground sand filters. Disadvantages include the fact that water will not be quite as polished as with a D.E. or cartridge filter. Sand filters typically filter particles to 20 microns (the human eye cannot see particles smaller than 40 microns). Cartridge filters are another easy to use, economical and low maintenance choice. Both aboveground cartridge / element filters and inground cartridge / element filters are available at Specialty Pool Products. These swimming pool filters utilize a replaceable filter cartridge / element that you simply drop into the unit. The cartridge needs occasional cleaning during the swim season, which can be easily done with a standard garden hose, or with specially designed filter cartridge cleaners. Filter cartridges are generally replaced every 1 – 2 years, depending on type of swimming pool, pool usage and swim load. Advantages of a cartridge filter system include lower initial cost and ease of maintenance. Disadvantages include the fact that they can clog more quickly in water environments with lots of algae, and that the filter needs replacing on a regular basis (every 1-2 swim seasons). Cartridge filters typically filter particles as small as 10-15 microns. And SPP carries a complete line of replacment filter cartridges, saving you time, money and effort! Finally, there are D.E. filters – a type of pool filter that is super-effective at removing very small particles from pool water, making it perfect for those who demand the finest filtering possible. Both inground D.E. filters and aboveground D.E. filters are available at Specialty Pool Products. Both useDiatomaceous Earth as the filter medium. Diatomaceous Earth is a naturally occurring, chalk-like sedimentary rock that has an abrasive pumice-like feel, and is very light & porous. D.E. is crushed into a fine powder for use in pool filters, and is typically composed of silica, sodium, magnesium & iron.Synthetic D.E. substitutes are also commonly available. D.E. filters are cleaned in the same general way as sand filters, except new D.E. powder is added after each cleaning. Advantages of a D.E. swimming pool filter is extra-sparkling pool water, extra quickly! This type of filter captures the smallest of particles (to 3-5 microns), the first time through the filter. Disadvantages include higher front-end cost, and the need to add new D.E. powder after cleaning (backwashing). Specialty Pool Products carries both D.E. and D.E. substitute filter media, making it fast, easy and inexpensive to maintain your new D.E. Filter. Regardless of which type you choose, you should always purchase a filter that is a size larger than the minimum required for your swimming pool or spa’s capacity. With a larger filter area, you’ll clean the filter less, and spend more time enjoying (not maintaining!) your swimming pool. You should also select a system that requires the least amount of pumping power to achieve the desired flow rate. That’s because lower pumping power means lower running costs, for lower utility bills. To decide which type of swimming pool filter is right for you, consider what is more important to you – water clarity or ease of operation. If you want the cleanest, clearest water in town you’ll want to consider a D.E. filter. If you prefer the ease of simply backwashing your sand filter or cleaning a cartridge a couple times a year, you’ll want to consider these two types of pool filters. The fact is – all filters work… the goal is to fit the correct filter to your needs. Have questions? Give the Pool Experts at Specialty Pool Products a call at 03 111 123 123


  • Filter Housings
  • Filtration Units with Sediment Cartridges
  • Counter Top Filtration Units
  • Wall Mounting Filtration Units
  • Dual Water Filters
  • Triple Water Filters
  • Filtration System with UV Sterilizers
  • UV Sterilizers without Filtration System
  • UV Lamps and Quartz Sleeves
  • Stainless Steel Housing
  • Multimedia Automatic Filters
  • Reverse Osmosis System (Domestic)
  • Reverse Osmosis System (Commercial)
  • Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Systems (above 10,000 GPD)
  • High Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Reverse Osmosis Desalination Systems
  • Containerized Filtration & Desalination System
  • Custom Designed Bottling Plants
  • Reverse Osmosis Membranes
  • Reverse Osmosis Storage Tanks & Manual Water Softeners
  • Automatic Water Softeners
  • Bag Filters
  • Custom Designed Water Treatment Plants
  • Sediment Removal Cartridges
  • Media Cartridges
  • Filter Media
  • Water Treatment Chemicals
  • Community Water Centers Accessories & Parts


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