Shakeel Ahmed Siddiqui


Shakeel Ahmed Siddiqui is a well-known Pakistani businessman. He was born on 14 August 1968 in Karachi. His father was from Allahabad, India and his mother was from Mirzapur. Shakeel Ahmed Siddiqui’s father was a laborer by profession. He died on 1st April 1984. At that time Shakeel Ahmed Siddiqui was 15 years old. He had to struggle a lot in life to remove his poverty. Now at this time he is known for his following qualities.


✅Scholar of Islamic history
✅Qaari (Tajweed-e-Quraan)
✅ Marketing Expert
✅ Social Media Expert
✅ Business Man
✅FM Radio RJ
✅TV Anchor
✅ Motivational Speaker
✅Founder of “TELEFUN” (090078601)
✅Online Advertising
✅Social Media Marketing
✅Digital Marketing
✅New Business
✅SEO Expert
✅Business Strategy
✅Digital Media
✅Product Management
✅Marketing Strategy
✅Marketing Communications

✅Social Media
✅Business Development
✅Product Development
✅Social Networking
✅Sales Management
✅Event Management
✅Strategic Planning
✅Product Marketing
✅Brand Management
✅Business Planning
✅Online Marketing
✅Team Leadership
✅Web Analytics
✅Team Management
✅Team Building
✅Direct Marketing

✅Brand Development
✅Web Development
✅RO Plant Expert
✅Radio Host
✅Social Media Consulting
✅IT Expert
✅Water Expert
✅Social Work
✅Ajwa Dates Importers
✅ Proprietor of ZonG Virtual Channel
✅ Proprietor of Himalayan Rocks
✅ Proprietor of
✅Managing Director of LEO’s Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited
✅ Managing Director of RO Plant PK Limited
✅ Managing Director of Green Orange Private Limited

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