Water Testing

Importance Of Water Testing For RO Plant

Water is extremely precious for the survival of life on Earth. It is through the availability of freshwater that our planet has been able to sustain life. Water has vast advantages for the human body. Water allows humans to fight off different diseases and maintain a healthy life for people. Among its many other advantages water allows blood to stay in liquid form. It helps to absorb food through the large intestine. Drinking water with a high fever can bring down the temperature. The shortage of water can cause constipation, dizziness, fatigue, and weakness.

If water is not clean and has been contaminated by diseases-causing substances then it can lead to serious issues. Polluted water is the biggest source of harmful diseases like cholera, typhoid, amoebiasis, and hepatitis. The water running in people’s homes comprises dirt and grime that is settled inside the pipes. Moreover, at times this water gets mixed with sewage water. Hence surface water testing becomes very crucial for households. It informs people about the purity level of the water. As polluted water can cause serious concerns, especially for children and elderly people. RO water testing allows people to know the amount of total dissolved solids (TDS) and tells them if they need to get their water treated.

Our Efficient System Of Drinking Water Test

At RO Plant. pk, we provide our customers with the facility of RO water testing free of charge. The water testing process involves finding the TDS value. This value tells us about the amount of impurities in water. It is measured in part per million (PPM). Normally clean water has a TDS value ranging from 200-300 PPM. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared water with a TDS value of up to 1000 PPM safe to drink. Tests for drinking water include some other elements along with TDS that need to be checked. These factors include pH value and the presence of viruses and bacteria. It is very important to get water culture tested for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. RO water testing provides the following information:

  • It tells about the quality of the water
  • It informs people if there is any contamination in the water
  • It allows people to decide which water treatment is needed to clean water

As water tester facilities inform people about the kind of contamination and substances that are present in water thus allowing them to make a decision about which water treatment solution they should choose. It saves a lot of money.

Innovative Groundwater Testing By ROPlant.pk

At ROplant.pk  the experts and chemists work day and night to bring the most accurate results for our valuable customers. The best part about our surface water testing is that the preliminary report is supplied free of cost. To avail of the opportunity fill a small 500 ml bottle with sample water and bring it to our office. Most of the time, our qualified team provides the results of the test for drinking water immediately but sometimes it might take a day or two to compile and submit results.

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