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Water Shop Business

ROplant.pk is the largest company in Pakistan that manufactures RO plants. It has established over 700 franchised shops and over 2000 non-franchised shops to provide clean drinking water to people in Pakistan.
Before ROplant.pk, there was no concept of water shops in Pakistan. This idea was so successful that it soon received the support of the Pakistani government.
The establishment of water shops has created many opportunities for people. Thousands of people have started their own businesses, and tens of thousands of people have found employment.
Water that was once very expensive to buy from foreign companies is now available at a much lower price from water shops. A 19-liter bottle of foreign brand water costs about Rs. 350, but it can be bought from a water shop for Rs. 80 to 100.
It is also important to note that foreign companies take all their profits back to their own countries. However, water shop owners reinvest their profits in Pakistan, which helps to boost the economy.
Water shops are also a source of tax revenue for the Pakistani government.
The investment required to start a water shop is Rs. 10,60,000. The profit from a water shop is estimated to be Rs. 4,85,000 per month.

Investment 10,60,000, Monthly Income 4,85,000

10,60,000 rupees includes
  1. A 5,000 GPD RO plant that can provide 5000 Gallons water in 24 hours
  2. A deep borewell of 100 to 200 feet
  3. Two fiber tanks of two thousand gallons each
  4. Filling table/counter of the shop
  5. Government-issued license

Monthly sales 5,71,000 rupees

After an investment of Rs. 10,60,000, if you run the plant for 12 hours a day, you can get 2,500 gallons of water per day. This converts to 9,500 liters. Getting 9,500 liters of water per day means getting 2,85,500 liters of water in a month. 19 liters of 15,000 bottles can be filled from this. If the water is sold at the rate of Rs. 2 per liter, then sales of Rs. 5,71,000 can be easily done.

Monthly running cost 88,000 rupees

88,000 rupees include:
  1. Electricity bill 72,000 rupees
  2. Monthly consumption of minerals, filters and chemicals 16,000 rupees

Monthly income 4,85,000 rupees (after deducting monthly running cost from monthly sales)

As mentioned earlier, if you run the plant (or shop) for 12 hours a day, you get 2,85,500 liters of water. If this water is also sold at the rate of Rs. 2 per liter, then sales of Rs. 5,71,000 can be easily done, but during one month, Rs. 72,000 electricity bill and Rs. 16,000 will also be spent in the form of minerals, filters and chemicals. The total is 88,000 rupees and it is called running cost. Therefore, if 88,000 rupees of running cost is deducted from the sales of 5,71,000, the profit obtained is 4,85,000 rupees which you can earn every month.

Three types of free surveys (worth millions)

ROplant.pk conducts three different types of surveys for its customers who want to open a water shop. The cost of each survey is from one and a half lakh to two and a half lakh rupees, but ROplant.pk provides these surveys to water shop customers absolutely free.

1:Electromagnetic Resistivity Survey (ERS)

This survey is conducted by the company’s expert hydrologists and geologists. In this survey, it is seen through machines where is the water up to two thousand feet below the ground?, what is the water like? And how long will the water last? After this survey, you are told where you should do the boring, so that you get enough water of such quality which is sufficient and appropriate to run the water shop. If you do not get this survey done, then the money spent on boring can also be wasted and it is also possible that after some time the water will run out in the boring, this can also ruin your entire business.

2:Technical (Engineering) Survey

This survey is conducted by the engineering team of ROplant.pk, whose purpose is I. To review the length, width, and height of the shop II. To review the water supply and discharge lines and give appropriate advice III. To review the need for three-phase electricity connection and help in providing if necessary

3:Commercial Survey

The purpose of this survey is to

1: Estimate sales at the place where you are going to open the shop

2: What price should the water be sold at

3: To review your expected income in advance

Warranty and Guarantee

1: One-year service warranty after the plant is installed.
2: 100% money-back guarantee for three months if the business doesn’t work.
3: Goodwill guarantee three months after the plant is installed.

Partnership with the company

1: People who want to open a water shop can also partner with the company on a 50/50 basis.
2: This means that you will invest half of the capital and the company will invest the other half.
3: Any profit or loss in the water shop will be shared equally between you and the company.
4: However, there are two conditions for this partnership:

1: The partnership cannot be terminated before one year.
2: The partnership is only for franchise shops.

Detailed presentation video of the water shop

The above points related to the water shop have been mentioned. However, the company has also presented all these points in the form of a sheet.

The company has also made a video presentation to explain these points in detail, which is 32 minutes long. If you watch this 32-minute video, you will not have any questions left about the water shop.

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