How Is RO Plant Water Better Than Normal Water?

Trying to open up a water shop can be a considerably confusing task, and trying to understand the difference between RO plant filtered water and mineral water can help individuals decide easily on the need for an RO water shop. There are several factors that can highlight the importance and superiority of RO filtered water in comparison of mineral water, and the factors that account for the superiority of RO filtered water are:  


The water that is received after being filtered from a RO plant is comparatively pure and clean. Reverse osmosis is a rigorous process that completely drains the water from any bacteria and contaminating elements, which results in exceptionally clean water. Meanwhile, while mineral water may be full of minerals and pure elements, it may contain pollutants.


RO water offers consistent taste and cleanliness, as it is cleaned with the use of stranded filtration processes. On the other hand, the taste and quality of mineral water can vary, depending upon their minerals in the water, and the source of the water.


RO water treatment offers owners the opportunity to customize the water, by changing the filtration, and the water quality, to meet different requirements and needs. This level of customization provides the buyer with a larger variety of water for different uses, like cooking, drinking or other purposes.

Removal Of Harmful Substances

The process of RO filtration effectively removes all harmful substances, germs, bacteria, like lead, arsenic and chlorine, which provides peace of mind for the person drinking the water. While mineral water may contain a lot of minerals, it may also contain contaminants, depending on the level of its filtration.

Different Types Of RO Plants

There are three types of RO plants available at ROplant, with different capacities and prices. The three different types of RO water plant price in Pakistan are:

Greeno RO Plant (3000 gallon)

It is a 3000 gallon water treatment system plant priced at 600,000 PKR. Being the smallest capacity treatment system available at ROplant, it is perfect for areas with small residents and small water demand. It is the go to option for investors wishing to steadily invest in a new business venture.

Greener RO Plant (5000 gallon)

It is a 5000 gallon water treatment system plant which is priced at 800,000 PKR. It is a slightly larger capacity treatment system and it is the most feasible option for residential areas, commercial areas, and places with a larger water demand. Investors who require a substantial water shop can invest in our Greener RO plant.

Greenup RO Plant (10,000 gallon)

It is a 10,000 gallon water treatment system which costs about 1,000,000 PKR. It is the highest capacity water system available at ROplant, and is perfect for areas with a high water demand and areas around industrial factories.

All these systems can be used to open up a fully functioning water shop. With the right kind of strategies, and a lot of hindsight, investors can be able to invest into a long term successful business.

Basic Investment

RO plant shops can be opened with a basic investment of 1,060,000 PKR. This includes the filtering table, two large bottles, the RO machinery, boring/drilling procedure which goes 125-200 ft underground to extract the water. There are three surveys that are done beforehand in order to ensure that the site is perfect for opening up a water shop for long term success. Surveys like water finding and water testing are done to ensure the longevity of the water shop. We do these surveys to make sure that the boring water stays available for at least a good few years. People can opt for either a 50-50 partnership with ROplant or have 100% ownership over their shop. With a 90-day cashback guarantee, investors have a choice to receive their full investment back if the shop does not run up to their expectations.

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