What Kind Of Water Plant Should I Use For My Water Shop?

When it comes to opening up a water shop, a lot of extremely difficult considerations need to be made. There are so many different capacities, different machines, a large variety of companies providing water treatment systems, and they make it quite difficult for individuals to understand what to invest in. Investors have to consider capacities, cost, and additional features when deciding to choose a specific water plant. In this article, we will explore the different kinds of water plants, their features, and the benefits that investors can enjoy from.  

Different Water Plant Options And Their Prices

ROplant has curated three different plant options, for individuals to find a plant that matches their budget and needs. The main difference between these plants is the capacity of these plants, and the three RO plant options available at ROplant are:

Greeno RO Plant (3000 gallon)

Price: 600,000 PKR

Main Use: They are the perfect option for small-scale water shops with a moderate water requirement and demand.
Capability: They are capable of providing 3000 gallons of water, perfect for serving residential areas.

Greener RO Plant (5000 gallon)

Price: 800,000 PKR

Main Use: They are perfect options for a larger capacity system, which caters to a higher water demand.
Capability: They are capable of providing 5000 gallons of water, perfect for serving medium-sized water shop business or commercial areas.

Greenup RO Plant (10,000 gallon)

Price: 1,000,000 PKR

Main Use: It is the highest capacity water system, which can provide water to large communities, industrial facilities, or commercial complexes.
Capability: It can provide around 10,000 gallons of water, which provides an ample supply for high-demand areas or businesses.

The three different types of packages as well as water plant price in pakistan have been created to provide high tech RO plants for different sized businesses, in order to diversify the water shop business. The basic investment in order to open up a water shop in Pakistan with the partnership of ROplant is 1,060,000 PKR, and this may seem too much, but its breakdown shows it to be truly affordable and the best deal out there.

Benefits Of Opening Up A Water Shop Business

There are certain benefits that individuals who wish to open up a water shop can enjoy from, and the benefits of opening up a water shop business in partnership with RO plant are:

Stable Demand

The demand for water is consistent and there is always going to be a need for people to buy pure water. That is why opening up a water shop can be quite beneficial, and there is always a stable demand for pure water. The more demands that a water shop is able to fulfill, the higher their opportunity to succeed in the water shop market.


By employing the right kind of business model and effective management techniques, individuals can make sure their business remains in constant profit. Investors can also offer services like home delivery, subscription plans, or customized filtration solutions, to increase profit and customer satisfaction.

Community Impact

Water shops play an extremely important role in the development of the community. Water shop owners can impact the society positively and provide a large amount of safe drinking water to better the community.

Flexibility And Scalability

Water shops allow the owners a lot of flexibility and scalability which allows them an opportunity to change their business plan, depending upon the demand of the market and ensure business growth. With the help of ROplant, entrepreneurs can easily expand their business reach and meet the increasing demand or enter new markets.

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