A Buyer’s Guide To Commercial RO Plant Shop Prices In Pakistan

Deciding to invest in a RO plant shop provides a lot of promising opportunities for individuals. Before embarking on this successful journey, it is essential to understand the initial investments, the prices of the different RO plants available, and the things included in these packages. In this article, we will navigate through the essential elements that should be considered by investors if they wish to make an informed decision regarding Ro water plant price in Pakistan and investments that will need to be made. 

Initial Investment Required

Before taking a look at the different kinds of RO plants available at ROplant.pk, we need to take a look at the initial investment required to open up a water shop. While working with with ROplant.pk for opening a water shop, individuals need to invest an amount of 1,060,000 PKR, for complete 100% ownership of their shop. This investment acts as a foundation for creating a successful water treatment business and provides investors with the necessary infrastructure and support to complete all water shop operations effectively. Basic inclusions in the initial investment are: 

RO Plant System

The smallest plant available at ROplant.pk is a 3000-gallon water plant. By choosing a size and capacity that is feasible for the water shop’s needs, individuals can be able to open up a water shop that filters a minimum of 600 bottles every day, which can be sold for a profit later. 

Installation Services

The water source should always be pure and easy to access, and the best option is underground. As soon as a spot for the water shop has been chosen, tests are done to ensure the longevity and the potential of the water source, and an approx 125 sq ft boring/drilling is done to access the water. Other than that, an RO plant shop is created and set up above the water source. 

Survey And Analysis

It is the greatest priority of ROplant.pk to make sure the water source can provide water for a long time, without having any issues. Multiple surveys like underground water, finding, and water testing are conducted to ensure the longevity and the quality of the water. Monthly analyses are conducted and constant checks are kept underway, to prevent any issues and make sure that the water business runs as smoothly as possible. 


Every staff member has to be trained thoroughly before opening up a shop. ROplant.pk provides this training, and gives utmost support to the investor, as opening up a water shop can be stressful enough. Our training includes guidance on the system, maintenance protocol, troubleshooting, and certain secret tips to ensure the quality of water.

Prices Of Different Plants Available

Apart from the initial investment, investors can choose different plant sizes, depending on multiple factors. Depending upon the water requirement of the area, the water, consumption of the area, and the budget of the investor. The three different plants are available at ROplant.pk are: 

Greeno RO Plant (3000 Gallon)

The price of our 3000-gallon plant is 600,000 PKR. It is the ideal option for small-scale areas that do not have a high water consumption or areas where the business potential is not much. 

Greener RO Plant (5000 Gallon)

The price of our 5000-gallon plant is 800,000 PKR. It is the perfect choice for investors who wish to start in a commercial or residential area with considerable business potential. 

GreenUp RO Plant (10,000 Gallon)

The price of our 10,000-gallon plant is 1,000,000 PKR. The highest capacity plant available, it is the most viable option for industrial areas or places with huge business potential and water requirements. 

ROplant.pk has remained dedicated to providing high-quality RO plants for investors with different budgets and requirements. We constantly try to aid our partners in solving the potential water crisis in Pakistan. 

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