What Is The Most Effective Water Treatment System?

In the world of water treatment system Plant, effectiveness makes all the difference. A large number of businesses rely solely on the quality of the water, compliance with regulations, and operational efficiency. We offer a large number of services that are tailored to meet the specifications and the standards of different investors to create successful commercial water treatment shops. Let us take a look at the basic commercial water treatment system available at ROplant.pk: 

  • Greeno RO Plant (3000 gallon)
  • Greener RO Plant (6000 gallon)
  • Greenup RO Plant (10,000 gallon)

These are the basic RO plant sizes available at ROplant.pk. The initial investment of opening a water shop is 1,60,000 PKR, with a guaranteed monthly income of 450,000 PKR. 

The Basic Procedure Of Opening A Commercial Water Shop

Opening up a water shop with the partnership of ROplant.pk requires certain steps and the basic procedure of opening a commercial water shop is as: 

Initial Consultation

As soon as the investors decide to open a water shop, they can receive an initial consultation with us and try to narrow down the services or the plant size that fits their ideal standards and budget the most. 

Site Assessment

We will then conduct three surveys on the site of the water plant. These surveys usually cost millions of rupees but we provide them completely free of charge. 

Package Selection

Investors can choose from the three packages available and find a package that fits their standards and budget the best.

The three packages available at ROplant.pk are:

  1. Greeno RO Plant (3000 gallons): priced at 600,000 PKR.
  2. Greener RO Plant (6000 gallon): priced at 800,000 PKR.
  3. Greenup RO Plant (10000 gallons): priced at 1,000,000 PKR.


Once the site has been deemed safe for business, the installation process begins. The chosen package is set up, and proper functioning is insured

Training And Support

Right before the shop was established, ROplant.pk stays involved by training the staff thoroughly on the operation of the system, and how to function the shop without any issues. 

Shop Opening

After thorough training and testing, the shop is ready to be launched. It can function only after all the testing and checkings have come out clear, and only then can the investors sell the purified water that they produce. 

Features That Make Our Commercial RO Plant The Most Effective Water Treatment System

Certain features can count for our determination to consider our commercial RO plant to be the most effective option for opening up a water shop, and the features are: 

Advanced Filtration Technology

The cornerstone of every effective water system is its advanced, filtration technology. ROplant.pk makes use of state-of-the-art Reverse Osmosis (RO) to clean water without leaving behind even a small contaminating element. 

Scalability And Capacity

Commercial water shops have to take care of varying water demands, and being capable enough to handle different consumption demands can make all the difference. We provide a wide range of plants with different capacities that can align with the investors, current and future needs.

Energy Efficiency

An environmentally conscious business is always regarded as a good business. We have always prioritized energy-efficient designs and components in our filtration plants to make sure they do not harm the environment. 

How Much Does A Commercial Water Plant Cost?

A commercial water plant requires an initial investment of 1,60,000 PKR. Though it may seem like much, it is essential to remember that this covers the filter system, the boring/drilling procedure, the filtering table, the government licenses, and much more. There is an estimated monthly earning of 4,50,000 PKR, meaning the initial investment can be covered in about three months. We also provide three initial surveys which can usually cost millions, but with us, they are completely free of cost. Partnering up with ROplant.pk is partnering to a commitment to long-term success, and environmental sustainability.

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