How Much Does It Cost To Install A Water Treatment Plant?

Investing in a water treatment system is one of the most lucrative opportunities for individuals who wish to create a sustainable income. While venturing into the essential service sector, individuals will require the help of professional water shop companies like, to receive a rather unique opportunity to create long-term partnerships by investing in a commercial water shop. With minimal initial investment the promise of potential long-term success, and different packages to suit everyone’s needs, individuals can curate a sustainable income worth considering. This article intends to look deeply at the world of water treatment systems, how much it may cost you, and the benefits of investing in a water shop. 

Benefits Of Opening A Commercial Water Shop

Opening a commercial water shop with the partnership of provides a large number of benefits, and for people looking to venture into the water treatment industry, these benefits are worth noting: 

Competitive Initial Investment

 We provide competitive pricing, and multiple packages, to make sure everyone can invest in a water shop despite their budget. Compared to other industries, the investment required here is considerably less.


High-Profit Potential

Despite our promise of modest initial investment required, water system shop owners will have an opportunity to earn substantial profits, with an estimate of 450,000 PKR per month. 

Supportive Partnership

Investors partnering up with us, and opening up a commercial water treatment shop will receive supportive partnership, guidance, and assistance throughout the whole setup process and even after it.

Essential Services

Water shops are one of the most reliable business ventures, as the need of pure water is constant, in a country like Pakistan, and that is why investing in an essential service can be quite lucrative. 

These are just some of the benefits that can be enjoyed by individuals who are investing in commercial water treatment systems. By simply getting an initial investment of 1,060,000 PKR, an extremely lucrative business opportunity can be created. 

How Much Does It Cost To Open Up A Commercial Plant Shop?

The cost of opening up a commercial plant shop is rather simple. The initial investment is considered to be 1,060,000 PKR, which includes the filtering table, the filtering system, government licensing, the boring/drilling procedure, and many other features. Compared to the estimated monthly income that can be earned (450,000 PKR per month), the investment is considerably less. However, our commercial water shop has three different treatment system sizes, namely: 

Greeno RO Plant (3000 gallon)

With the price of 600,000 PKR, this water treatment system provides a lucrative opportunity for investors wishing to start small and enter the water treatment industry with a smaller capacity plant.

Greener RO Plant (6000 gallon) 

Priced at 800,000 PKR, this package provides a comparatively standard water treatment system, which is great for areas, which require a larger capacity of purified water. 

Greenup RO Plant (10,000 gallon)

It is a 1,000,000 PKR water treatment system that offers the highest capacity water treatment system, which is suitable for locations with substantial water consumption needs. 

In addition to our diverse packages, and high amount of customization, investors need to consider certain other expenses and operational costs. To lessen the financial burden and strain of investing in a water treatment system, provides multiple services for free and also tries our best to reduce the financial burden on our investors.  However, partnering up with is akin to partnering up with ultimate success and a guarantee of sustainable income.  

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