Water Testing For Starting a Water Shop Business

Water is highly significant for human life on Earth. It would not be an exaggeration to say that water is life. It is because of water that Earth is serving as the only planet that sustains human life. Our earth constitutes 70% of water whereas only 30% of its surface is covered with land. The same principle is followed in the human body as well. 2 by 3 of our bodies are covered with water.  On average a normal human being carries 35 to 50 liters of water in his body which makes up to 70% of his total body mass. The most important organ of the human body, the brain comprises 85% of water. Blood carrying the disease-fighting white blood cells also comprises 83% water. It is because of sufficient storage of water that the human body operates normally. One of the advantages of water for our bodies is getting rid of toxic waste from the body. Water also helps in maintaining the body temperature of a human being. It provides great assistance in absorbing food from the large intestine. These are just a few benefits of water. There are several wonders of this precious gift of nature.

Significance of Drinking Water Test

Water needs to be tested to find its purity level, especially for drinking purpose. The importance of water testing can also be comprehended through the below-mentioned details. Polluted water can lead to serious troubles for human beings. It can cause constipation, diarrhea, and other intestinal diseases. The running tap water might seem clear to you but it is filled with sand particles and impurities that cannot be seen by the naked eyes. This water often gets mixed with the one coming from sewages and leads to highly dangerous outcomes. This contaminated water is one of the biggest factors contributing to the death rates across the country. Every year approximately 3 million people fall prey to waterborne diseases in Pakistan.  The number of people being victims of such carelessness includes 16% of children as well. According to a recent report by the National Research Council, the condition of the available water in Pakistan does not seem to be suitable for human health. In short, the water that we drink daily and consider highly natural and pure might not be good for us. The report of the Water Research Council suggests that 82% of the total drinking water accessible in the country is infected with bacteria and other harmful content. This is where you may find drinking water safety tests highly useful.

Standard Values for Water Tester:

Now that you are convinced about the importance of water testing, there are certain details you must familiarize yourselves with. To check how clean the water in your reach is, you need to know its value of total dissolved solids (TDS.) TDS value of drinking water allows us to understand how much contaminated stuff water contains. TDS of water is always measured in parts per million (PPM.) These harmful particles found in water are always in trace amounts and hence are too small to be measured in percentage.  Here you should understand that contamination in small amounts does not make them harmless. The mineral water provided by international brands comes with a TDS value ranging from 200-300 which is almost negligible. This is the standard TDS for mineral water acceptable by the World Health Organization (WHO) as well. This water contains enough nutrients like calcium, magnesium, chloride, fluoride, arsenic, and other important minerals for the human body. If the water’s TDS exceeds or falls a lot short of the value of 300 then it might not be appropriate for people to drink it and can cause serious consequences for people. For instance, excess arsenic can be a leading cause of Skin cancer and other skin and lung-related diseases. Similarly, over-intake of fluoride can give birth to bone and teeth diseases. This list goes on. The only way to deal with such a serious impact of polluted water with high TDS value is to purify water using the techniques of Reverse Osmosis (RO.) 

Reverse osmosis water plants can help people get rid of harmful toxins in their drinking water. ROplant.pk offers different types of RO plants to cater to the needs of our valuable customers. You can get these plants now to make water safe to drink for you and your loved ones. 

RO plants to be installed on a commercial level are also a major service by ROplant.pk. Since 2014 we have successfully established more than 700 franchised and more than 200 non-franchised shops across the country. The success rate of these shops and the trust of the consumers getting pure drinkable water from there is a testament to our professionalism and dedication to making our country more independent for clean water.

Professional Support for Commercial RO Plant Business:

Our company has always encouraged people to join us in our venture and open up a commercial RO Plant shop. With an investment of a mere 1,060,000 PKR, you will be guaranteed a monthly income of 4,85,000 PKR. Partnering with us also provides a lot of benefits, and is a great choice for a new business venture.

ROplant.pk oversees the process of water finding, boring or drilling, the installation and transportation of the equipment, and most importantly water testing to make sure the quality of water is appropriate for the health of your customers. We also assist you in getting the certificates from PSQCA and the Food Authorities of Pakistan. Using these licenses at your shop can also help you to achieve the trust of your customers, making your business growth more smooth and easy.

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