Is Starting a Commercial RO Plant in Pakistan Profitable?

Starting a commercial RO plant in Pakistan can be a highly beneficial and strategic business idea for people looking to have a stable long-term source of income. By spending a minimum amount of just 8 Lakhs on your plant you can make a handsome earning per month. This business idea needs very little input and provides you with great output. There are two methods to make earnings by utilizing a reverse osmosis plant

You can either turn it into your own brand to sell bottled water. Or you can see people turn up at your shop and get water filled in their bottles. While the former seems more reputable you might be surprised to know that later has been used as a successful business strategy by a good number of start-ups.  All you need to do to launch such a business is to have a shop. You can use the one that you own or you can simply get it on rent. Once you have a shop you have to drill a bore with a depth ranging from 125-200ft, underground to extract water. Here it should be kept in mind that the expenditure on boring is not included in the cost of the RO plant. 

Impact of Water Capacity on Commercial RO plant price in Pakistan

Once ground water has been accessed by drilling a bore, the next step includes the installation of an RO plant. RO plants come with different specifications. The specs can increase or decrease Commercial RO system prices in Pakistan. Mainly you would find three different kinds of RO plants varying in their ability to store water. Here you should understand that the more water a plant can filter the higher would be its price. The three options available are A 3000-gallon RO plant with a price of 600,000 PKR, a 5000-gallon RO plant with a price of 800,000K, and finally a 10,000-gallon plant with a price of 1,000,000 PKR, The smallest commercial RO plant comes with the ability to filter 3000 gallons of water. You might be aware that one gallon equals 3.78 liters, which means that this RO plant can purify 11,340 liters of water per day. In other words, your installed RO plant would provide 11,340 liters of premium drinking water in 24 hours. The water would not just be immensely clean but you would also find it sweet. It would be no less than the water supplied by big brands like Nestle and Aquafina. 11,340 liters of pure and sweet water can approximately fill 600 bottles. Since it might not be possible for you to keep the plant running and your shops open for 24 hours. Hence you might be able to keep it operational for 12 hours only. This means you would be able to get 300 bottles of pure water per day. This is your best option if you cannot invest a bigger amount in the business otherwise a 5000-gallon or even a 10,000-gallon RO plant is the more suitable choice available. With an addition of just 200,000 PKR to your budget, you would be able to get 500 bottles of water ready in 12 hours. And with an addition of 400,000 PKR to your budget, you can get 1000 bottles of pure drinking water in 12 hours. The more water you filter per day the greater would be your earning. Hence get an RO plant launched with all this information in mind.

You might be surprised to know that all mineral water-selling companies filter their water using RO plants. The water filtered by the plants provided by the can be compared to branded mineral water by getting them tested at the most renowned and certified laboratories. You would not find any difference in the reports of both samples.

Expenses Other than Water Shop RO Plant Price in Pakistan

When starting an RO plant filtration business in Pakistan or installing an RO Plant on an industrial level, you will have to spend money on some additional expenses as well. This includes the boring cost and the cost of the pump used to extract water from underground. Secondly, you would need to buy two fibred drums. One of the drums should be made up of food-grade material while the other one can be of ordinary fiber. The food-grade drum is required as it would store clean water without causing any trouble. Water after getting extracted gets stored in a fiber drum also known as a feed tank. After passing through the RO plant the filtered water then gets stored in a food-grade tank also known as a product tank. These two drums can be bought at the price of 20,000 PKR each. Lastly, you would need to buy a filling table. Its price can range from 20,000 PKR to 100,000 PKR. Please note that like every other business you need to spend a running cost on this plant. Once all of this has been set up and you have reserved your amount for monthly spend, you are good to launch your business.

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