Factors Affecting RO Plant For Home Price in Karachi

The Home RO plant cost in Karachi can range from 25 thousand rupees to 25 Million PKR. It might seem surprising but the price of an RO plant depends upon the needs and demands of the person using it. The more innovative and advanced a plant is, the greater would be the price. If you need filtered water for domestic use only then an RO plant with the capacity of 70 or 100 gallons per day (GPD) would satisfy your needs. In other words, you require a plant that can filter 70 or 100 gallons of water per day. According to US standards, one gallon is equal to 3.78 liters which means a 100 GPD plant can provide you with 378 liters of filtered water in 24 hours. But it is not appreciated by experts to use any electrical appliance 24/7. Continuous use of these plants can destroy them completely. Operating them with regular breaks can allow them to stay sustained for a longer time. To fulfill this purpose we build automatic RO plants with a 10-liter tank like that of the water cooler.

The Home RO plant keeps on working until it fills this tank. The moment the water level drops from the tank it immediately refills it. This way it does not have to work all day. The automatic functioning allows it to operate only for one or two hours. This makes such RO plants highly effective for homes. In addition prices for home-based RO systems in Karachi range from 25K to 50k PKR. People think of the lowered prices as a great opportunity to run mineral water businesses with little investment. This sort of behavior is not encouraged. Here it should be kept in mind that these domestic water filtration plants can only supply drinking water to a small family and would never be enough to cater to the needs and demands of the industry. This can be learned in a better way by understanding the water demands of the family. According to research, one person drinks two liters of water in 24 hours whereas uses 200 liters of water for other important activities. This makes sense why a domestic RO plant can only cater drinking needs of a family. An average family comprises 6 members which means a total of 24 liters would be required per day to fulfill their needs. Hence this need can be satisfied by a 70 or 100 GPD RO plant as it would only have to operate for two hours per day that too with continuous breaks in between them. To fulfill other needs of a family like washing, it’s better to use a 3000 GPD plant. So that it can filter water conveniently without putting any pressure on the machinery and leading to lesser electricity bills as well.

Impact of TDS on Domestic RO plant price in Karachi

Another factor that plays an important role in deciding the Home RO plant cost in Karachi is the TDS of water being filtered. Here it should be noted that the RO plant does not produce water itself, instead it filters contaminated water from soil or sea. The total dissolved solid (TDS) of water tells us how much harmful and harmless solids it contains. Due to the trace amount of these contaminated solids in water, TDS is always calculated in parts per million (PPM). According to the world health organization (WHO), water with a maximum TDS of 1000 PPM is safe to drink. The one with a TDS value greater than this is harmful to the human body and has to be filtered using the RO plant. A 100 GPD domestic plant can only purify water up to 2000 PPM. Now for seawater, TDS value ranges from 6000 to 50,000 PPM which means it needs a highly efficient RO plant to make this water drinkable. Prices for such home-based RO plants can be higher than the ones that filter brackish water that has a relatively lower TDS value.

RO plant prices with respect to needs, capacity and TDS value of water being Filtered

If you’re looking for an RO plant that can serve the drinking needs of up to 6 family members, and has a capacity of 70-100 GPD, and can purify brackish water effectively, it would cost you about 25,000 PKR to 50,000PKR. To cater the washing, cooking and drinking needs of a 6 member family, a 1500 GPD RO plant would cost 400,000PKR for Brackish water and 600,000 PKR for sea water. A more powerful 3000 GPD RO plant would perform the same task much quicker at PKR 500,000 for brackish water and at PKR 800,000 for sea water.

Now if you don’t want an RO plant for domestic purposes. Instead if you wish to run a mineral water business through it then to produce 500 bottles of 19 liters in 12 hours would be required to buy a 5000 GPD RO plant. Now to filter brackish water, a plant would range from 7-800,000 PKR and to filter sea water the same task would be done by RO plant costing 1 million PKR. in order to produce 1000 bottles of 19 liters you might want to buy an RO plant with the capacity of 10,000 GPD. Its price would be around 1 million PKR to filter brackish water and 1.4 million to filter sea water.

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