Myths and Facts Regarding The RO Plant Water Business:

One of the most revolutionary business ideas considering today’s economy has to be: the RO plant shop. It is a rather mysterious topic, with a lot of wrong information floating around in our country. has always tried to end such misconceptions. Let us take a look at such myths and figure out if they are true or not.

RO Plant Shop Is Too Expensive

While the upfront cost might seem too heavy on the pocket, a closer look will reveal it as the most cost-effective option present. The initial cost for a commercial RO plant is 1,060,000 PKR if you contact, it covers the essentials such as initial surveys, a 5000-gallon green RO plant, two fiber tanks, a filling table to fill bottles, necessary government licenses, a boring hole, and additional components. With an estimated earning of 485,000 PKR, the return on the investment is swift, only taking three months to reach the initial investment. The rest earned is the profit.

The franchise will take half the profit does not claim any share over the profit of shops unless you opt for a fifty-fifty partnership when opening the store. In this case, we are entitled to 50% of the profit. This ensures a collective responsibility and we share both profit and losses ultimately lightening the burden of our partner. Our primary focus is on building mutual trust and partnerships.

RO filtered water is sold at a higher cost than other bottled water

Filtered water from an RO plant shop is retailed at a cheaper price as compared to other bottled water brands. When we break down the cost of producing one bottle, the shop owner incurs around 40 paisas to filter one 1-liter bottle. Incorporating the expenses for the bottle, the electricity used to filter, and the cost of the added minerals, the production cost per bottle ranges from 60 to 70 rupees. Selling it at 100 rupees allows the shop owner to make a profit while still offering water at a budget-friendlier price as compared to other brands.

The Shop Owner has to do all the work remains actively engaged throughout the shop’s establishment process. We undergo various testing stages, and provide drilling, surface water testing, and even installation services entirely free of cost. We are concerned about the hard-earned money of our partners which is why we carry out technical processes that are intended to check the area of the shop destination, to ensure the shop will be successful and the chances of business growth are higher.

RO Plants Waste Too Much Water

While it is true that during the filtration process, most RO Plants produce a certain amount of wastewater, ROPlantpk uses high-tech machinery, and techniques that have successfully been able to minimize the amount of wastewater, making is comparatively less wasteful than the RO Plants of other competitive brands.

RO Plant Water Tastes Very Bad

Even though taste is completely subjective, a lot of people seem to think that the loss of minerals turn the water into something that is distasteful or bad to drink. There may be a slight change in the taste of the water, but there is nothing to prove the fact that the water tastes bad. If the filtered water tastes weird, try cleaning and maintaining the RO Plant machine.  

The Filtered Water Leaches Minerals From Body

It is slightly true that the filtration process makes it harder for the filtered water to retain a lot of its minerals, like calcium and magnesium, there are many supplements provided for the water shop to add into the filtered water. This not only makes up for the removal of minerals, but also adds a lot more benefits into the water, making it a lot more healthy. However, there is no truth in RO water leaching minerals from the body. A balanced diet is also advised in order to keep a check into the minerals being put into the body. 

In addition to our comprehensive support in establishing the shop, the goes the extra mile by incorporating cutting-edge technology making us the company with the best water finder service in the industry. Debunking the myths and unraveling the facts brings clarity to the entrepreneurial landscape. The potential for a lucrative business is undeniable. As we clear out the myths, potential entrepreneurs can contact us with complete confidence to partner with

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