RO, Desalination And Waste Water Treatment Plants

  • Community RO plants
  • Domestic RO plants
  • Welfare RO plants
  • Seawater desalination plants
  • Truck-mounted mobile RO plants
  • Ultra-filtration plants
  • Swimming pool filtration plant
  • Solar powered RO plants
  • RO plants for Irrigation of barren lands
  • Hundreds of water shop plants
  • Irrigation plants
  • Floating in the ocean and desalination of seawater RO plants
  • Housing societies RO plants
  • Waste water treatment plants

Electrical Resistivity Survey (E.R.S)

Electrical resistivity of the soil can be considered as a proxy for the spatial and temporal variability of many other soil physical properties (i.e. structure, water content, or fluid composition). Because the method is non-destructive and very sensitive, it offers a very attractive tool for describing the subsurface properties without digging. It has been already applied in various contexts like: groundwater exploration, landfill and solute transfer delineation, agronomical management by identifying areas of excessive compaction or soil horizon thickness and bedrock depth, and at least assessing the soil hydrological properties. The surveys, depending on the areas heterogeneities can be performed in one-, two- or three-dimensions and also at different scales resolution from the cent metric scale to the regional scale. In this review, based on many electrical resistivity surveys, we expose the theory and the basic principles of the method, we overview the variation of electrical resistivity as a function of soil properties, we listed the main electrical device to performed one-, two- or three-dimensional surveys, and explain the basic principles of the data interpretation. At least, we discuss the main advantages and limits of the method.

Drilling And Boring Related Services

  • Conceptual modeling/ water budgeting
  • Domestic Drilling
  • Industrial Drilling
  • Injection wells
  • Long/step pump test
  • Rehabilitation of wells
  • Aquifer modeling/estimation
  • Packer/ yield test
  • Video logging


Civil Issues

In 2014, there were three major problems in the country and particularly in Karachi

          • 🔥Thousands of deaths by heatstroke.
          • 🔥Public protests in different areas due to lack of drinking water.
          • 🔥Transfer of national treasure abroad by foreign brands of drinking water.

In addition to above problems, there was the issues of difficulties in starting new businesses, unusable seawater/groundwater.

End of problems

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